Monkey Dong Synthetic Urine Review – Is It Effective?

If urine drug tests like me piss you, then you will always be on the lookout for new products that work. Monkey Dong synthetic urine is one such fake urine kit that works. Some tests are hectic, but with some tips, you can cheat the drug test and keep your job.

Think of it, what will you do if you are told to fill the cup with urine as they see you do it? Sometimes, you do not need to sign your unemployment, filling a cup with urine that contains traces of marijuana is a sure way to get fired if that is the policy of your company. This is where monkey dong comes to your rescue. You only need to strap it onto your waist, and you are guaranteed to pass the test.

Monkey dong is an advanced urinary device designed for men who want to cheat a urine drug test. This device is meant to ensure you are not judged by your lifestyle just because you enjoyed a party over the weekend. It has the best synthetic urine you can find. You can think of it as fake pee dispenser.

Monkey Dong Synthetic Urine

First, let us learn how you can use this synthetic urine. Remember that the lab requires urine at normal temperature with the right chemicals and ingredients. With this in mind, you can cheat the drug test any time you want. Your monkey dong kit comprises of the following:

  • An elastic beltmonkey dong review - synthetic urine
  • Heating pads
  • Powdered urine
  • User manual
  • Syringe for refilling
  • Urinating strap

You will find it easy to use this device. I have used the kit several times, and the good thing is that those testing for drugs do not care about the genes when they sample the urine. They are only looking for chemicals in the urine if any. If you can do it right, they will never detect that the sample was not your urine.

How to Use Monkey Dong

As noted above, the kit comes with an instruction manual. The manual is detailed and if you do not have time for it, follow these instructions:

  1. Close the safety valve before you fill the bladder. In this way, you prevent premature discharge.
  2. Using the syringe, measure about 90 ml of water into the jar or cup.
  3. Add powdered urine to the jar of the water and then stir until the mixture is fully dissolved
  4. Using the syringe, draw the synthetic pee and fill the bladder port.
  5. Unfasten the bladder, by peeling the Velcro strips
  6. Apply a heating pad on the temperature strip and then reattach the bag to your belt using Velcro strips
  7. Ensure the temperature strip is touching your skin
  8. Wait until the temperature is between 94 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit (this may take one hour)
  9. When it is time to use, open the safety valve and then squeeze the tip of your dong to release the urine to the cup.
  10. Submit the sample

It is advisable to practice the procedure using water before the day of testing. This is because you do not want embarrassments at the time of testing. Always remember to recheck the temperature before submitting the sample. I cannot stress this enough. For you to pass a urine test, the specimen MUST be of the required temperature range.

Does it Work?

This is a common question asked by people who want to buy synthetic urine. For fake pee to work, it must contain the chemicals and ingredients found in human urine. Again, it must be provided at the right temperature. I am assuming you are buying it to pass a drug test.

The chemicals and ingredients in monkey dong are well-balanced to make it impossible for a basic drug test lab to find out that it is not human urine. Thus, it is the ideal solution if you are called upon unexpectedly to submit a urine sample.

You should note that there are other options on the market such as Quick Fix Plus 6.2 (which I highly recommend). However, in this case, if you are doing a supervised drug test, then monkey dong is the perfect deal.
Ensure you get the latest release of the product as the manufacturer keeps updating the formulation to surpass the lab advancements in drug testing.

Monkey Dong Review

I fully recommend monkey dong for cheating urine drug tests. I did extensive research to find out what others say about this novelty fake pee. The results are quite encouraging, taking into account that the product has over 98% success rate.

Since it is a supervised test, you have to worry about your skin color. Fortunately, the dong is available in six natural colors. This means that none will suspect what you are up to. Get a color that matches the tone of your skin. You can choose from white, light white, brown, black, tan, or Latino.

The common competitor for monkey dong is Whizzinator. You can read its detailed review here. Let us compare these two synthetic urine kits.

Monkey Dong Versus Whizzinator

I have used these two products before, but I always like using monkey dong because it is easy to use. The main reasons I support it include the cost, customer service, and safety valve. Ideally, it is about 30% cheaper as compared to whizzinator. Usually, when you are looking for a new job, you are tight with your budget. I think whizzinator ought to improve their safety valve, because of the sound it produces when opening it.

Synthetic Urine for Sale

At first, I was always skeptical whether I can get monkey donkey near me. I did get it, used it, and can now recommend where you can get it no matter where you are. You can even enjoy night shipping. Avoid wasting your money on cheap synthetic urines that will not work. Get this fake pee from the original manufacturer. It foams and smells like real human pee.

If you want to cheat a drug test, then you can try Monkey Dong synthetic urine. The fake urine is unisex, but the prosthetic penis makes it easy for a man to pass supervised tests. Also, it is available in different colors. Thus, you can get the right for your skin tone. You will find it easy to use and convenient.

Best of luck!