The Palmer’s Tee was invented over 20 years ago. It has given the in the West a safe & easy DWV disposable . The Palmer’s Rip is the next generation of designed by Palmer.

‘s Putty.

00 each Kit – LTB (Long Ball) 9. The balls been around its just Designed to drain, waste and vent systems; The inflatable rubber easily fits through hard-to-access pipe openings; Natural rubber Cherne Ball® were first introduced in 1953 as a…

No ‘s tool box is complete without a complete selection of gauges, , caps, and other equipment.

Palmer’s Plastics is looking for and supply houses in every state to help get free samples to every NEW CONSTRUCTION . Palmer’s save time and money ABS/PVC drainage lines.

Tools Quality, Durability, Reliability. .

System 4.5. Mr.Vann is installing a 4″ in a new building sewer line for the water .

Our full line of mechanical include Twist-Tite wing nut , T-Cone Cleanout and Repair , Twist ‘N Seal,® Double Mechanical, Flush Cleanout Repair , and the all new Mechanical Cleanout .’t_Wear_Ties’s_snake,_Belgravia