The consists of a manually operated directional servo valve and feedback meter element in a single body. These minimize linkage, reducing cost and providing flexibility in design. At Supply Company…

—Series 10 Product Description and Features. Eaton’s new Series 10 (SCU) facilitates fluid flow like no other on the market.

Eaton Corp. Div. Eden Prairie, MN 55344.

cylinders helm pumps non return valves & distribution blocks tillers power double cylindered systems reserve oil tanks & header tank gear systems…

101S . 101S Series of Fully . It has same Connection Data with 101 series, In addition, it contains relief valve, overload valve

The directs the flow through a cycloid (rotary) directional valve utilizing a gerotor set to regulate or maintain the flow within the circuit.

Some of the advantages of the are: – Minimize cost by reducing the linkage. – Provide better comfort to the operator because there is no load reaction on the wheel.

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The component in the top right of the picture is the directional valve / metering section; and is the heart of the system.