– – Piston. Eaton – piston provide great value to a broad range of end markets from the smallest fixed (11cc) to the largest variable (750cc) to tandem options.

• Long Life & Quiet Operation Precision Gerotor Design results in a with extended operating life and noise levels below most other . • Heavy Duty Bearings capable of withstanding radial and thrust loads. 026 .indd, js.

. C233. Parker Hannifin Corporation Pump/ Division Greeneville, Tennessee. Catalog HY13-1553-001/NA,EU. Technical Information. SHeyrdireasulic .

Eaton is proud to be recognized as an industry leader in Low-, -Torque (LSHT) technology with our Char-Lynn® product line. With a design based on the Orbit Principle in which an internal gear rotates inside of an external fixed gear…

convert pressure into force at a rapid rate thereby generating large amounts of power.

Maximum is the at a specific inlet pressure which the can sustain for a limited time without damage.

Abstract; Describe the history and progress of Low Torque , principle of operation of LSHT , Features, Improvements & key technical performance of these items applicable to Building and Construction Industries including HMS.

n the late 1950’s the original low , torque was devel-oped from a pump gerotor element consisting of an internal gear ring and a mating gear or star.

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