We’ve compiled their favorite , liquid, pencil, pen and waterproof that cost less than $10. These cheap don’t smudge or disappear, but they also are easily removed with makeup remover.

The Saem Eco Soul Waterproof .

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Waterproof Pencil. $4.00. view details.

find a which was well actually a . That’s why when I tried this I was more impressed then I think I ever had been. Not hundreds of fancy claims and campaigns just a simple labeled as ‘high precision and waterproof’.

About Black . There are times when you really need your to pop, and a liquid is simply not enough.

Whether you’re after a liquid or to achieve that sought-after defined feline flick, or a dark black pencil for a sultry smokey , we have the right for you. Our range of highly-pigmented can be applied in a variety of ways for an intense or subtle finish.

This from comes pretty damn close to perfect. It is jet black, waterproof, easy to apply, and it is extremely affordable.