provide a steady, reliable performance that keeps forces under perfect control in all kinds of driving conditions..

OSP Reaction RM Technology.

OSPU. The OSPU is the latest addition to the dual displacement product line, complementing the OSPD for responsive, easily maneuverable machines of most sizes.

• Low torque • Low pressure drop. Comprehensive technical literature online at

• Technical data on combined /electro valves and wheel sensors. OSPE and SASA. The most important data on all Sauer- components is highlighted in a.

A wide range of -ing components (continued). For electro- systems Sauer- offers: • Pilot operated valve (pilot operated by hydrostatic or by electri

Char Lynn Catalogue 2003 part 2. mini and column tech info.

The operation of OSP- is hydrostatic. That is to say, there is no mechanical connection between the column and the wheels. Instead there are pipes and hoses between and cylinder(s). When the wheel is turned, the…’_mouse_lemur